Scheduling, Credits and Graduation Requirements



A large part of our school counselor's job is to create schedules for our students.  Each year in the spring, we hold an open house to introduce our building and staff to incoming freshman students.  Our counselors discuss scheduling, classes and graduation requirements with students and parents to help them prepare for selecting classes for their first year of high school.  Our counselors then go to our middle schools to talk with incoming freshmen students about their class options and help them choose the classes they would like to take here at EKFC.


During a student's freshman year of high school at EKFC, they will take full year classes in Math, English, Science and Social Studies.  They will be able to choose 2 classes each semester of electives giving them 6 classes each semester.  Each class is worth 1/2 credit which allows them the opportunity to earn a total of 6 credits during their freshman year.   


Graduation Requirements

For an in-depth description of EK Graduation Requirements, please click this link.  This document describes which classes will be required to earn a diploma as well as how many credits are needed by the end of senior year in order for a student to graduate.


Course Description Guide

For a detailed description of each class offered at EKFC, click here to look through the Course Description Guide


Testing Out

For students who wish to test out of a class, please see the Testing Out information found on the EKHS webpage.  Students can test out of any class offered at EKFC/EKHS.  For specific questions and schedule planning, please email the school counselor.


How to be Successful at EKFC

Looking for advice on how to be successful in high school?  Click here to find some Tips for Success at EKFC.  Every high school year is important for a student's future and all grades earned during freshman year count towards graduation!



One of the biggest factors for success in school is attendance.  Click here for the EKFC attendance policy.  Losing learning time by not being present in school will quickly affect a student's grades.  Please be aware that missing several days of school, excused or unexcused, will affect a student's grade and/or grade point average.  For further detail, please see our STUDENT HANDBOOK.



For a link to Kentwood's ParentVUE and StudentVUE log in page, click here.  ParentVUE and StudentVUE allows parents and students to see real time grades, attendance, schedules, assignments and to communicate with teachers.