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Child Nutrition Services 

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Kentwood Public Schools Online Education Benefits Survey

(This survey will replace the previous “Free and Reduced Meal Application Forms”)

Kentwood Public Schools Online Education Benefits Survey Letter

Kentwood Public Schools Online Education Benefits Survey

Translated versions of the Letter to Households, the Education Benefits Form with Household Size and Income, and the Sharing Information with Other Program Forms are available in Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Burmese, Dari, French, Japanese, Karen, Korean, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. Email to request the translated form.

Double Up Food Bucks program will match Bridge Card sales up to $20 a day a family shops at participating farmers markets in FREE Michigan Fruits and vegetables. For Double Up Food Bucks Markets

For 35 area farms and orchards most offering the U-Pick value and a family farm and educational experience

Meal Times and Serving Locations

-Elementary School Service Times

               Classroom                                       Cafeteria

               Breakfast 9:00AM-9:45AM         Lunch 11:35AM-12:45PM

-Middle School Service Times

               Cafeteria                                          Cafeteria

               Breakfast 7:50AM-8:20AM         Lunch 11:36AM-1:07PM

-High School Service Times

               Cafeteria/Hallway                         Cafeteria

               Breakfast 7:00am-8:00am         Lunch 10:42AM-12:15PM

-Crossroads Service Times

               Cafeteria                                          Cafeteria

               Breakfast 7:10AM -8:00AM        Lunch 10:44AM-11:15AM

Kentwood Public Schools will provide a Breakfast and Lunch at no cost for all students during regular school days. (Lunch on half days is provided upon request).

 **Part time help needed in Child Nutrition Services - helping out in the kitchens/cafeterias. This is an on-call position with various shifts between 8:30 am and 1:30 pm. Please contact Kris at 616-426-4727

Contact Us

Mo Shamali
Child Nutrition Services Director

Kris Curtis
Secretary to the Director
616-426-4727 Voice mail #- 75301

Sadie Waber
Accounting Clerk
616-455-3166 Voice mail # - 79910

James Bryant
Technology Project Manager
616-426-4727 Voice mail # - 75302

The Kentwood Public Schools Child Nutrition Services Department is located in the Facilities and Operations Building, 6160 Valley Lane Dr. S.E.
Kentwood, Michigan 49508

Mohd Shamali
Director of Child Nutrition Services