Elementary Fine Arts

Welcome to KPS Elementary Fine Arts


Elementary music instruction is given to all students K-5 once a week for 45 minutes.  The curriculum is heavily based in Music Learning Theory (MLT).  MLT is a theory of how children learn when they learn music, and it is learned very similar to how we learn language.  So while in music class, your child will experience many songs and chants in different tonalities and meters, many classroom instruments (xylophones, drums, woodblocks, shakers, etc.), many movement activities, and much more!  Please click on your child's school name below to find out more about your child's specific program.  

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We understand art is an essential part of society.  It serves as a timeless form of visual representation and communication.  The arts connect us to history, cultures from around the world and forms of personal expression.  Visual art continues to touch our most inner thoughts, emotions and sense of wonder.  The visual arts classroom will present important and unique challenges for students of all ages and skill levels.  These benefits are unmatched in their ability to create thoughtful, resilient, problem solvers and innovators.  Brain based research, supports an arts program that holds high artistic standards, supports growth and blends core subject matter into the curriculum.  We will build relationships with students and the community to promote art appreciation, citizenship and lifelong learning. 

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