Safety and Security Excellence and Equity in Education


Kentwood Public Schools Safety Department

6230 Kalamazoo Ave

Kentwood, MI 49508

Our main office is located at East Kentwood High School

in the Grand Foyer just inside the Door "A" entrance.



The Kentwood Public Schools Safety Department works in collaboration with our student body, parents/guardians, staff, administrators and local law enforcement to assist in providing a safe and secure atmosphere for the educational environment of our students and staff. 


Relationships Play a Key Role

Kentwood Public Schools understands that building strong, authentic relationships with students is a pivotal piece when it comes to providing safe and secure environments in our buildings. That is why our district makes building these relationships foundational in all of the work that we do. Some examples of how we do this include:

  • Capturing Kids' Hearts - This is a longstanding program in Kentwood Public Schools focused on the social-emotional wellbeing of students, creating a culture in schools that is relationship-driven, and making sure students feel connected with their peers, adults in the building, and their overall school community. Kentwood Public Schools is proud to have several schools named Capturing Kids' Hearts National Showcase Schools on a consistent, annual basis.
  • Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports - Also known as PBIS, this is a framework for supporting whole school practices that promote a safe school setting. PBIS calls for supporting social. learning, behavioral and emotional needs of students.
  • Restorative Practices - Kentwood Public Schools began district-wide implementation of Restorative Practices in 2022. This framework is aimed at keeping all in the community safe, engaged, and productive. Building community is a key element of Restorative Practices. In addition, Restorative Practices calls for engaging proactively when someone in the community has been harmed. This calls on the person who has been harmed and the person causing the harm to use tools to resolve conflict and work towards restoring trust.

Each of the above strategies and initiatives are part of the larger goal of creating whole-child environments in Kentwood Public Schools, one of four main goal areas outlined in the district's Strategic Plan which was launched in August 2023.


KPS Safety Update Video

Click here to see a video that updates district efforts to implement best practices in the area of safety for students and staff from March of 2023.

Restorative Practices - Circles

Click this link to step inside a KPS classroom to learn how morning circles are an important piece to creating positive learning environments for students.

 Response to 8.24.23 Community Forum



Safety Department Leadership Team


Chad Songer - Director of Safety 

Phone: 616-871-1046



Bonnie Geurink-Koetsier - Secretary to the Director of Safety

Phone: 616-426-5253



Brandon Johnson-Smith - Manager of Safety Operations

Phone: 616-426-4516



Jamar Chevis - Safety Coordinator-Events

Phone: 616-426-4521



Julie Didion-Bayne - Safety Dispatcher

Phone: 616-426-4218



Jerome Gardner - Safety Coordinator-Pinewood Middle School (Discovery, Endeavor and Explorer Elementary)

Phone: 616-426-5060



Michael Lewis - Safety Coordinator-Crestwood Middle School (Bowen, Challenger and Hamilton Elementary)

Phone: 616-426-4296



Terrell Varnado - Safety Coordinator-Valleywood Middle School (Brookwood, Glenwood and Meadowlawn Elementary)

Phone: 616-426-5222





School Resource Officers (SRO)


KCSD Deputy Karen Barrose- SRO- East Kentwood High School

Phone: 616-698-6700 ext. 42378



KCSD Deputy Daniel Forman- SRO- East Kentwood Freshman Campus

Phone: 616-698-9292 ext. 41300


To report an incident anonymously, click on one of the links below:


To report a non-emergency school related incident:

  During school hours contact: (616) 698-6700 ext.   42376
  After school or weekends contact: (616) 698-6700   ext. 42376 and leave a message.



For mental health support, please click on the Network 180 link below: