Curriculum Standards (CMS)

Curriculum Standards

Dear Parents:

Welcome you to another great year at Kentwood Public Schools. We want you to be are aware of the many changes occurring in public education. One change is the Common Core Standards adoption by the Michigan Department of Education. These Standards create one set of clear and consistent expectations for all students. These Standards are our compact with students and parents, and their adoption ensures that all Kentwood students will graduate from High School ready for college and careers.

These standards are relevant to the real world reflecting the knowledge and skills young people need to be prepared for both college and work in a global economy. They will focus on problem solving and critical thinking skills, not solely on knowledge of particular facts that have little relationship to success later in life. The Common Core State Initiative will address this problem by increasing clarity among educators and parents about what students should be able to know and do at each grade level. Grade-by-grade progressions are anchored in college and career readiness. In addition, highlighting the logic, reasoning, evidence, the art of argument and the ability to conduct and report on research are critical skills students will need when they enter the workplace.

Curriculum and assessments that are tied to clearer standards will increase student achievement. We know that student achievement improves when curriculum allows teachers to cover select topics in greater depth, rather than numerous topics superficially. In addition, teachers will be able to better respond to your students' educational needs using assessments that are aligned to the new standards.

Designed to improve educational outcomes for students by developing a set of consistent, clear K-12 academic standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics, the Standards will be consistent from state to state. The Common Core is based on the principle that arithmetic should be the same in Missouri or Michigan. Clearer standards will benefit parents, teachers and students. One of the benefits of adopting clearer standards is that parents, teachers and students will have a shared understanding of what is expected in school. Studies have shown that when parents understand what is expected of their child academically and are actively engaged in their children's education, student achievement is improved. We have always found that to be true in Kentwood.

Please see the attached grade level standards. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your teachers or principal. Again, we look forward to working with you for your child's academic success.

Carrie Tellerico
Executive Director of Elementary Education

Bre Bartels
Executive Director of Secondary Education