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Townline Elementary 100 60th ST Kentwood, MI 49548 P: 616-538-4120 F: 616-538-8770

Welcome to Townline Elementary!


Slam Dunk reading day on March 28 at 9:30am parents are invited.We want to learn more about your family! Fill out our Holidays and Special Days Survey!

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03.02   Kindergarten Round Up @7:00pm
03.09   5th Grade Visitation
03.15   Kidz Have Rights
03.21   Cherry Street Dentist
03.22   Cherry Street Dentist
03.27   Parent Teacher Conferences
03.28   HALF DAY Parent Teacher Conferences
03.29   HALF DAY Dismissal @11:59am
03.30   HALF DAY Dismissal @11.59am
04.12   Kindergarten Orientation
05.15   Senior Parade 9:45am
05.17   5th Grade Field Day @EKHS
05.22   Rain Day 5th Grade Field Day
05.24   All School Field Day
05.25  Rain Date for Field Day
05.26  HALF DAY Dismissal @11:59am
05.29  NO SCHOOL- Memorial Day
06.02  HALF DAY- Last Day of School


We Need You!

WE NEED YOU! Please consider being a part of our Townline PTC. We are looking for new members. Please call the office at 616-538-4120.



P- problem solving
R- respect
 I- Independence
D- Demonstrate Responsibility
E- Excellent

Encourage your students to show their Tiger Pride everyday to earn Pride tickets!

Tiger Tracks

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Townline Elementary 100 60th ST Kentwood, MI 49548 P: 616-538-4120 F: 616-538-8770

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Notes From the Office

 School Begins: 9:00am
 Dismissal Bell: 3:55pm

If you are bringing your student in late, please make sure you come into the office to sign them in so we know your child is safe and accounted for.

If there will be a change in your student’s dismissal plan, please let the office know by 2:30 at the latest, so we have adequate time to get the message to teachers.

If you would like to have breakfast or lunch with your student, please make sure you check into the office and sign in to get a visitor’s badge.

Cold weather is coming. Please make sure your student has proper outerwear to avoid illness.

If your student will be absent for any reason please make sure you let the office know so we can account for the absence. You can either call 616-538-4120 or email [email protected]