Chromebook Damages and Insurance

Starting in the 2023-24 school year, families with students in middle school and high school will be assessed a fee to cover Chromebook damages. To help reduce damage, the District will be providing all middle school students with a Chromebook case. Students will be expected to keep their District issue Chromebook in the provided case at all times.

Families have an opportunity to participate in the District provided Kentwood Chromebook Insurance Program (KCIP) for $30 per 6-12th grade student, per year. Students who qualify for reduced price lunch can purchase KCIP for $20 per student, per year.  Students who qualify for free lunch can purchase KCIP for $10 per student, per year. (Families must complete the District Household Information Survey form to verify free or reduced lunch qualifications.) Families with multiple students will pay a maximum of $60 for participation in KCIP.  

Covered by the Kentwood Chromebook Insurance Program (KCIP):

  • Up to two (2) accidental damage incidents.
  • One incident of theft. Theft claims require a police report. 

Not Covered by KCIP:

  • Intentional/negligent damage
  • Lost Chromebook
  • Lost charger

Families who choose not to purchase Chromebook insurance will be assessed a fee to cover the cost of parts that are required to repair intentional and accidental damage. Costs of these parts will vary based on current availability, device model and market costs. Approximate cost for commonly replaced items are as follows:

  • Charger replacement - $20
  • Screen replacement - $35
  • Keyboard replacement - $30
  • Full Chromebook replacement - $200

Manufacturer defects are covered by the district at no cost to the student or family.

Determination of whether damage is considered “intentional” or “neglect” will be made by a staff member of the Technology Services Department with input from the school building administrator.  

KCIP Purchasing Window
KCIP insurance is available for purchase as part of the enrollment process. Parents can also purchase KCIP from August 1 to September 30 of each school year.

Chromebooks must be in good working condition as determined by a district staff to be eligible for insurance. If the Chromebook is not functional or has broken components, they must be repaired at the student’s expense prior to purchasing insurance. 

If you have any questions, please email for assistance.

Kentwood Chromebook Insurance Program (KCIP) Payment

To purchase and pay for KCIP for one or more students please go to the payment website and follow the steps to make a payment using a credit or debit card.

Please email the KPS Technology Help Desk at, if you have any questions.