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Personal Curriculum

Personal Curriculum

In 2007 the State implemented the Michigan Merit Curriculum which defined the learning requirements for students to earn a Michigan high school diploma. These learning requirements formed a list of high school course credits that students must complete before a school district can award a high school diploma. This legislation created a consistent high school education for all Michigan students. It also provides assurance to employers as well as colleges and universities that Michigan students have completed a rigorous high school education.

Some of the requirements include four credits of English, 4 credits of Math, 3 credits of Science, 3 credits of Social Studies and 1 credit in both the arts and physical education. While this leaves many opportunities for students to choose other classes, the State recognizes that high school students in Michigan come from a variety of backgrounds and have different interests. For this reason, the State provides flexibility in some areas of the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

One mechanism that the State has provided to students for flexibility is called a "personal curriculum". Parents, students and teachers can request a personal curriculum for individual students who meet the State's criteria. The plan would identify areas to be modified to meet the unique needs and interests of that student as they progress toward earning a diploma. To ensure that the high schools continue to provide a rigorous education, the State has defined a specific set of graduation requirements that can be modified with a personal curriculum.

If you would like to know more about personal curriculum options, please contact one of our high school guidance counselors. They can answer questions and assist you with the next steps, if you are eligible.

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