Grads tossing caps


It is the mission of Kentwood Public Schools that staff, in partnership with the community, will educate all students. We are committed to excellence and equity in education. Our goal is for students to master essential skills and become successful, productive citizens.

In Kentwood Public Schools we believe:

  • A child's education must utilize and involve families and the entire community.
  • All students can learn and are entitled to a comprehensive, quality education that reflects the expectations and needs of society.
  • All students will be given opportunities to reach their fullest potential in the mastery of essential skills.
  • In fostering an appreciation of diversity and providing a curriculum that affirms that diversity in a safe and secure environment for all students and staff.
  • In providing an equitable curriculum that includes a variety of environments and instructional methods.
  • In measuring the mastery of essential skills through a variety of assessments.
  • That a positive attitude of the school community toward learning is a result of pride, respect, and responsibility for self, others, and the environment.