Field Trips, Mentors, and other Experiences

 Field Experiences and Mentoring

Providing students with experiences outside of mandated curriculum remains a key component of gifted education in Kentwood.  Throughout the year students at every grade level participate in a variety of experiences designed to enrich learning and foster team-building.  Many of these experiences are field trips outside of school and/or inviting the real world into our classrooms through mentors and parent involvement.  There is a cost associated with these experiences and fundraising is available.

Field Experiences

Third through eighth grade PEAKS students undergo numerous field trips during the school year. These visits provide learning opportunities not possible in the classroom. 


Mentors to our program usually appear as part of our Long Term Projects.  Students are compelled to investigate in-depth a topic of interest throughout the school year.  This investigation incorporates mentors from our community with experiential or career expertise related to a student's topic.  Classroom visits are arranged so every student benefits from each other's research.  Recent mentors have included chemists, geologists, photographers, engineers, executives, professors, and many others.