The EKHS National Honor Society offers free peer tutoring each year in all subjects twice a week after school. Please see below for this year's tutoring information!


Most teachers are also willing to stay after school and provide help with school work.  Please email individual teachers to set up times.





                                                     2021-2022  TUTORING

KPS provides an Activity bus for students to get home after tutoring.  The bus will take students to the closest KPS Elementary School or to a few select alternate locations. Busses run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only.  Pick up is at Door D at the 10/12 building at 4:35pm.  Student ID is required to ride. For more information, please contact the transportation department at 616-698-7007.

NHS Tutors

Tuesday and Thursday


Room 48 at the 10/12 Building

We will have tutors available in most subjects. We will also offer a quiet place for students to work on homework with someone there to assist if needed.


EL Tutors

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday


At the 10/12 Building in the East Wing Collaboration Center

Tutors available for all subjects. Please bring work to do!


Math Help



EKFC Collaboration Center

Freshman Math Teachers will be available for any students who need additional help.


Study Table

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


EKFC Cafeteria

For any student who has practice or an after school activity that starts later.  This is a supervised study area where students work on their own or quietly with others.