KIVA - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Are there any costs associated with being a KIVA student?

KIVA is a 100% state funded public school entity.  All costs will be covered by Kentwood Public Schools.

Does a student have to live within the Kentwood Public School district to participate in the KIVA program?

No, students will qualify for the program by filling out a section 6 if they live in another school district.

If a student graduates from the KIVA program will they receive a true Kentwood Public Schools diploma or does the student only receive a certificate of completion?

Students receive a fully endorsed Michigan Merit Curriculum diploma from Kentwood Public Schools.

Are there text books that need to be purchased to go along with the curriculum?

No, it is all online.  However, Edgenuity does offer online content that is text-based with illustrations, much like textbooks.  Some AP courses require a textbook that are provided FREE of charge by the KIVA program.

Does my student have to take all the classes online?

Students who have shown success in their current program are granted the flexibility to take a mix of classes online and on-campus in whatever proportion they wish.  KIVA is about choices and flexibility for parents and students.

Does my student have to ever physically be on campus?

Yes.  We believe face-to-face interaction is still important.  We require students to take tests and exams on-campus in order to ensure academic integrity.  There are also various required activities certain courses will offer, most frequently are the science and english labs.

If a student is having some problems in a subject area, is there help available?

A certified, local, KPS teacher will be available by email, phone or in person for questions related to each course.  KIVA has a certified on-site teacher in all subjects including english, math, science, social studies, spanish, german, latin and more.

How does my student take physical education?

KIVA offers an online physical education course.  However, a student may take physical education as a traditional course on campus as well. 

 Approximately how long does it take to complete one course?

Each class is measured so that it will take one semester (18 weeks) to complete.  Based on a student's skill level and knowledge, he or she may finish early.

Is a KIVA student eligible to tryout for an East Kentwood High School sports team, i.e., the baseball team, basketball team, etc..?

Sports participation is available for students in the KIVA program.  Full time KIVA students will have access to all the same activities, clubs and athletic teams as any other East Kentwood student.