General Information

How Can We Help?

The Guidance Department is here to support students with a variety of issues.  Contact the Guidance Department for more information on any of these issues at 616-698-6700 ext. 42209.

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• Schedule changes
Course planning
Study skills assistance
• Advice about standardized tests
Graduation requirements
• Credit recovery options


• Peer relationships
• Family issues
• Conflict management
• Substance abuse
• Grief
• Learning difficulties

If a student needs professional counseling beyond the scope of the school, the guidance counselor can refer the student or family to an outside agency.

    Career Planning:

• Course selection for specific careers
College application process
• Scholarship searching/scholarships available
• Financial aid
• Vocational preparation

This is a very limited list of the guidance responsibilities. There is more information available by contacting the Guidance Department at 616-698-6700 ext. 42209.