Brookwood ELL Resources


At Brookwood, we strive to provide families with the most up-to-date and beneficial resources to enhance learning at home.  The following websites provide great practice for English language learners at any stage of language acquisition, as well as useful information for parents.  It is our hope that you and your child will utilize these sites for additional practice, skill development, and information towards academic success and growth. 


This website provides a children's dictionary complete with synonyms and antonyms along with definitions.  The best part is that most of the nouns and verbs seem to have a picture to go with them and all of the words have an audio pronunciation of the word. 


IXL Math Practice flash ad&gclid=CISTn72ku6wCFacEQAodOCI6qA 

This website provides Math practice for all age groups and skills.  It is filled with interactive games and also has a great progress monitoring piece so parents and students can track advancement. 


This website features several actors/musicians/personalities reading aloud well known stories with animations to accompany them.  It also includes a great fairy tale and fables section.  There is also a full section dedicated to Arthur books.   

ESL Galaxy 

ESL Galaxy is packed with second language learning resources, worksheets, activities, and games!  This website is especially beneficial for practice with developing vocabulary, grammar, and correct pronunciation.  The great thing is that you can print most of their resources! 

4 Burning Questions About Literacy

In this article, the experts give advice to parents about literacy by answering the four questions below:

1.      Are graphic novels and comic books okay for my kid to read?

2.      My child once loved learning to read. Now he has to read to learn for school, and he hates it. What can I do?

3.      My child is spending a ton of time reading on computers and e-readers. Is that all right?

4.      Academic pressure is causing parents to move their kids from picture books to chapter books very quickly — perhaps too quickly. What’s your advice?

Read Write Think: Literacy at Home

This collection of resources is designed for Spanish-speaking parents to help support children and teens with literacy learning at home. Links are available in both English and Spanish.

Merriam Webster: Learners Dictionary

Webster has an online dictionary aimed at English language learners