Programs & Activities

Programs and Activities

2019 - Brookwood

Wednesday, March 6 - Wax Museum

The families, students and staff at Brookwood traveled back in time to meet African Americans that have made significant contributions in medicine, science, arts, athletics and entertainment.  We were astonished at our students writing and presentation skills as they portrayed great African Americans from American history. This Wax Museum was couple with, "A Taste of Soul", a sampling of soul food cuisine made with love and lots of flavor.  The menu consisted of Fried Chicken, Rib Tips, Macaroni & Cheese, Sweet Potatoes, Collard Greens & Cornbread and Fresh Lemonade!  What an amazing day to be a Brookwood Bobcat!  Thank you Mrs. Leah Slot and Mr. Martin Garay for your leadership with our 3rd graders at Brookwood.  
These are just a few amazing pictures of Sojourner Truth, Booker T.Washington, Mae Jemison, Smokey Robinson and Carl Lewis.  Enjoy!
A girl dresses as Mae Jemison with her poster board behind her.A girl dresses as Sojourner Truth with a display describing Sojourner's qualities.A boy smiles as he stands in front of his William "Smokey" Robinson Jr. display..A girl shows off her Ruby Dee project while holding a picture of an Emmy award.A boy smiles as he presents his Booker T. Washington poster board.A girl stands in front of her Condoleezza Rice project.A sample of soul food! With some Fried Chicken, Rib Tips, Macaroni & Cheese, Sweet Potatoes, Collard Greens and Cornbread. As well as Fresh Lemonade.

Monday, February 11 - 100 Days in School!

This day marks the 100th day in school! Our Kindergarteners from Mrs. Downy and Mrs. Wagamon's class, show off how they can count to 100 in imaginative ways!

A variety of kids show off their projects of 100 items such as, beads, cotton balls, stickers, paper cups, box tops, and more!The students show off their grins as well as their projects. 100 cotton balls formed into a snowman. More stickers, and necklaces with 100 beads.
More projects with 100 popsicle sticks, legos, dots, and more stickers.
100 Micky Mouse stickers, hearts, skittles, legos, paperclips, beads, and more!

2018 - Brookwood

Thursday, November 15 - A Royal Surprise

Third through fifth grade students were delighted to spend some time with Medieval Times. Pam Buschle, a social worker who is planning on retiring, wanted to surprise the students as well as thank them by planning this event. Find out more in the article below!


Wednesday, October 31 - Harvest Day

Today we celebrated Harvest Day! Students and staff dawned their best outfits and looked dashing walking through the hallways. The staff wore Waldo outfits so we had to search for them carefully! There were more treats than tricks as we partied with movies, games and plenty to eat! Thanks to all the families that came out to enjoy Harvest day with us.
Staff members dressed up as where's Waldo characters!
Where did our staff disappear to?
Mr. J's class is getting all the treats!
We have a little Michael Jackson making an appearance.
Kindergartners touch their nose as they play a game.
Mrs. Slot's class poses for a picture to show off all their wonderful costumes!
5th Graders get the star treatment as a few photographers ask to take their pictures!


Thursday, October 25 - Wearing Pink

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain!" Breast and many other forms of cancer has touched and impacted students, parents, friends, colleagues, and our community. This day, Brookwood Staff stands in solidarity with all FIGHTERS and SURVIVORS in "50 Shades of Pink!"
Go! Fight! WIN!
Staff members smile as they show their support for cancer awareness!
All kinds of pink treats are displayed with encouraging messages written all around!
Nothing like strawberry lemonade and a bowl of strawberries to say pink!

Friday, October 19 - Brings Moms to School Day!

What a day!  This past Friday all KPS Elementary schools hosted “Bring your Mom to School Day” and it was nothing more than a SUCCESS!  At Brookwood over 500 mothers, grandmothers/mother figures and students came to enjoy a Chick Fil A breakfast. Nikeidra Debarge shared a heartfelt and sincere message of resilience and grit with our moms.
We love hosting our families, most importantly we are humbled that our families  trust us to serve their children and community. 
“Invite them, respect them, listen to them, affirm  them, make them feel welcome and love their CHIlDREN and THEY WILL COME!”

Picture 1 - Tables decorated with light purple and green table cloths. Purple flower shaped balloons are also floating close by. Picture 2 - The room fills up with families! Picture 3 - Most of the families have settled down to eat. Picture 4 - A closer look at the tables. Flowers are used as center pieces.
Picture 1 - A woman stands tall and gives a speech. Picture 2 - A mother proudly poses with her children. Picture 3 - A student shows her mother her Chromebook. Picture 4 - A grandmother sits next to her granddaughter.
Picture 1 - A girl is sitting at her class table with her parents. Picture 2 - One of our students smiles bright while sitting next to his mother. Picture 3 - One mother gets to know a few other students at her kid's table while in class. Picture 4 - A mother helps her son with his assignment.
Picture 1 - A student smiles while surrounded by his family. Picture 2 - A mother stands proudly with her two daughters.Picture 3 - A woman hugs a child in a loving embrace. Picture 4 - A mother shows the peace sign as her son sits with his headphones on.
Picture 1 - Two women chat in a corner. Picture 2 - A daughter poses with her mother for a photo. Picture 3 - A mother wraps her arms around her two daughters. Picture 4 - A student shows her mother her work on her class Chromebook.

Wednesday, October 3 - B-Bop Walk-a-thon

B-Bop is our school-wide fundraiser that promotes healthy living and eating. Students ran, jogged, skipped, walked or danced around the track. Students collect pledges for the number of laps they complete.  Broookwoood ran over 650 laps.  The total number of laps is equivalent of walking to and from Chicago.
B-Bop walk-a-thon starts with a visit from the Bobcat mascot!
The mascot waves as students run by!
Brookwood Staff watches as two students pass by them.
A Brookwood staff member cheers on the three students!
Two students continue to run their lap with all they have!

Thursday, September 27 - Grilling, Chilling and Reading with Dads!

We would like to thank all the dads who grilled, served, set up, cleaned up, washed tables, and the families that attended Grilling, Chilling and Reading with Dads. Over 450 people were in attendance and the literacy strategies were engaging and fun! The grilling was scrumptious as well!
A few fathers stand behind the lunch counter handing out food.
More fathers handing out grilled hot dogs to families.
A father is intent on perfectly grilling some hot dogs!
The dad's are showing off their grills as they drink water.
All the families are gathered in the gym eating happily!

Monday, August 20 - First Day of School

Today marks the first day of school for August 2018. Staff and students stand outside and happily sing the school song. Brookwood, Brookwood, we love our school!
An aerial view of all our students and staff in front of Brookwood while they sing the school song.

Wednesday, May 9 - Talent Show

Brookwood has talent! Our students graced the Brookwood Family with award winning talents in our annual talent show.  Families, students and Staff were thoroughly entertained by song, dance, poetry, and a karate presentation. Brookwood students surely have TALENT!
Seven students dance in tie dye shirts for the talent show!
A few girls are lifting up a single girl in a cheer leading pose!
A boy sings his original song from a book while the principal holds the mic for him.
A boy dances to the song, Believer from Imagine Dragons.
A girl sings, Tower of Mistakes, from the show Steven Universe.
Two girls sing a vocal duet of, How Far I'll Go.
A girl stands with an older lady as they preform a karate demonstration.
A girl sings with a pink flower in her hair and a pink shirt on.

Saturday, April 14 - Jump Jam 

Brookwood and Southwood ARCH program participate in JumpJam at Devos Place.  Jump Jam is a non fee jump rope competition geared towards promoting health and wellness to children in West Michigan.  Kentwood students did an amazing job representing our district. Thank you Charlese McLemore and Porshea Johnson for your leadership in this endeavor. 
A boy jump ropes. Many people are in the background.
More kids jump roping!
Two Arch students try to jump for a long as possible!
A group shot with all of the Arch members.
Everyone puts their hands in to begin a cheer.
Arch students pose with firefighters and a fire truck.
An Arch student continues to jump rope.

February 27, 2018 - African American Wax Museum 

We had visitors from our past and present hanging out Brookwood this week.  Our 3rd grade students hosted the 5th annual African American Wax Museum.  This is always a special occasion for the students, staff and families at Brookwood.  Thank you 3rd graders, Mr. Garay and Mrs. Sisco for creating special memories and enlightening us about many great African Americans that have made significant contributions to our society and world.
Students dressed for the wax museum as Jackie Robinson, Henry 'Box' Brown, Ruby Bridges, and Smokey Robinson.
Students dressed for the wax museum as Lovely Warren, Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Washington, and Oprah Winfrey
Students dressed for the wax museum as Guion Bluford Jr, Will Smith, Tyler Perry, and John Hendrix

February 19th - President's Day Parade

Our ASD Students decorated carts and wagons as they paraded around the school with their general education peers/buddies to commemorate President’s Day. 
At the conclusion of the parade our students with autism presented reports on past presidents to staff, students and families!  What a great day to be an American and a Brookwood Bobcat!
A student prepares for the parade!
A girl sits in her decorated wagon, waving the United States flag.
Students following the girl in the decorated wagon.
The parade is in full swing as students stand on the sidelines watching carefully.
Almost done! The students in the parade are rounding the corner with smiles on their faces.

January 15, 2018 - Martin Luther King Day

The entire school came together to celebrate MLK Day in our new collaboration center. The kids watched videos describing why this day is an important day to all of us. Afterwards, we celebrated in the lunchroom with cupcakes. It was a wonderful experience!

Video: MLK day at Brookwood

December 22, 2018 - Holiday Celebration!

We hope youh had a wonderful holiday season!

Video: Holiday Video

2017 - Brookwood

June 13, 2017 - 3rd Grade Mackinaw Trip

 Brookwood 3rd grades, staff and their families journeyed across the Mackinaw Bridge to St. Ignace.  Students completed research and presented reports on one of the world's largest suspension bridges where Lake Michigan transitions into Lake Huron, Mackinaw Island and the Upper Peninsula. Next, they experienced a ferry ride to Mackinaw Island. In addition to the boat ride they had the opportunity to:

A. Take a horse and carrieage ride past the Grand Hotel and across the island
B. Visit the butterfly exhibit 
C. Learn the history of Mackinaw Island 
D. Tour the natural and majestic landform of Mackinaw Island~ " Breathtaking" E. Watch demonstrations from Civil War soldiers at Fort Mackinaw  
G. Shop and Sightseeing 

Lastly and most important they thoroughly enjoyed Mackinaw ice cream and Fudge... oh, the Fudge! (Smile). What a trip!  Thank you Mrs.Sisco, Mr. Garay and Miss Beth for creating this opportunity for our students and families.
"A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go BACK to its old demensions"!
Four images showing bikes, a harbor, and groups of happy children.
Four images showing water, kids waiting patiently on a bench, a green landscape, and plenty of houses.
Four images showing a beach, a kid leaning against a fence while smiling, another beach scene, and kids riding an open vehicle.
Four images. Two show kids happily petting horses. One has the principal, Mr. Bradshaw, posing with a horse. The last has more children riding in the open vehicle.
Horses, two kids smiling on a sunny day, a green scenic image, and the principal with one of his students.
A kid takes a look at some beautiful plants. Another kid smiles as a butterfly lands on her finger. Three kids embrace in a hug while posing for the photo.  Another kid smiles as she relaxes.
Four different children smile as butterflies sit on their fingers.
A group of kids smile for the camera. Two horses are ready to pull a group of students. A view of the street.  A tall, white, historic building.
Students go on a tour and are in horse pulled carriages.

 June 6, 2017 - Detroit Trip

"Students never learn anything from being told, they have to find out through experiences for themselves."
Today, 51 fourth graders, 4 staff and 31 parents  took a road trip to Detroit.  We begin our journey to Detroit at 7:00 am. Our first stop was the Detroit Zoo. We spotted rhinoceros, giraffes, peacocks, " Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!"  
Next we visited the Charles R. Wright African American Museum. This was an eye opening and engaging experience for parents, students and staff.  Students traced African American roots from Africa, Triangular Slave Trade, Cotton fields, and even Motown to this present day.  It was sooooo..."Cool"!
We strolled by Fox Theater, Co- America Park and Ford Field in route to have lunch at Red Wing's Hockey Town.  The pizza was amazing.  
Our trip concluded in Bloomfield, Michigan at the Cranbrook Institute for Science.  While there, students deepened their understanding of Forces, Motion, States of Matter, Michigan History and King Tuts exhibits. Cranbrook Institute  for Science was highly engaging and lots of fun.
Thanks Mrs. VanVliet and Mr. Jongekrijg for creating lasting memories for our students and families.  
"Don't just learn, EXPERIENCE... Don't just exist, LIVE!"
Four images. Students gather for a group photo. Penguins chilling out in their enclosure. A large trailer with the Zoo name on the side. A smiling student.
Four images. Another group shot! A lion resting. A polar bear pacing, and an observant black bear.

May 25, 2017 - Creating Lasting Memories!

"We didn't know we were creating memories, we just knew we were having FUN."~ Unknown  

Nearly 90 students and families and 4 staff spent a day in Chicago creating  wonderful memories and having a blast. The day started with our students visiting the Adler  Planetarium. This site was an extension of the classroom and 5th grade science standards. Brookwood dads strolled Michigan Avenue to ensure every student, chaperone and staff received a bag of Garrett's Chicago Style Popcorn...Mmmmm.  Next, the students had lunch at Chicago's famous Portillos.  They enjoyed the hot dogs, cheeseburgers, tenders and Italian beef sandwiches that filled their bellies as we departed to spend the afternoon at Lincoln Park Zoo. The lions roared, monkeys screamed and peacocks paraded proudly around their habitat as our students looked with excitement in their eyes! Lastly, and most excitedly, our students concluded this experience at a castle in Schaumburg, Medieval Times dinner show.  Brookwood cheered for the Red Knight.  Though our Knight didn't win, the entire experience was a victory for our very deserving students. 

April 27, 2017 -  Autism Speaks and we Listen

Last night our itinerant, support, and teaching staff hosted our students with autism and their families.  The students had a play date while the parents networked. Parents also attended session to learn strategies to support our students independence, communication and socialization. 

"Everyone has a mountain to climb and autism has not been out mountain at Brookwood , it has been our opportunity for victory."

April 24, 2017 - First grade trip to frederik meijer garden!

Brookwood believes in creating wonderful learning opportunities beyond the brick and mortar of our school. 1st grade studied life cycles and took a field trip to Frederik Meijer Gardens to see the butterflies as a culminating experience to align with their unit of study. 

March 2, 2017 - Look what's happening in Falcon territory!

A great big THANK YOU to the Varsity Football Team and Coach Kimbrough for participating in the KPS "Be the Dream" mentoring Program.  Our students at Brookwood and Explorer  loved having our Falcon mentors read and spend time in their classrooms.  Thank you for creating lasting memories for our students.  Way to go Falcons!  

March 1, 2017 - Black History Wax Museum

Our students, staff and families were visited by famous African Americans that have made significant contributions to American History.  Harriett Tubman, Hank Aaron, Oprah Winfrey, Diana Ross, Ray Charles,  Mae Jamison, Past President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama were just a few of many figures that the 3rd graders at Brookwood portrayed during this theatrical display.  This project was an extension of 3rd grade research, writing and speaking standards.  The students did an amazing job. We are so proud of them. Thank you Mr. Martin Garay and Ahnna Sisco for creating memories for Brookwood!

February 14, 2017 - Our students spread love throughout Brookwood

Party time!  Thank you room parents for awesome food, games and fellowship!

A boy hands out heart shaped cookies in Mr. Garay's third grade class.
Mrs. Sisco's third grade class is being a great audience!
A ton of treats are laid out and ready to be passed out to some ready kids!
Mr. J's 4th grade class is enjoying their food!
Principal Bradshaw takes a group shot with the kindergartners.
Mrs. Howard's fifth grade class is poses for the camera!
Mrs. Kimble's first grade class is enjoying their party!

Saturday, February 11, 2017 - Students from Brookwood exercised with a cause

Students at Brookwood earns thousands of dollars annually to support the American Heart Association.  Jump Rope for Heart was a huge success and a lot of fun!

Everyone is getting ready to jump!
This girl wears her Brookwood Bobcat shirt while jumping. She looks proud!
The principal poses with one of his students. They're both smiling bright!
One girl is giving another one a piggy back ride. Another girl stands beside them. They're all extremely happy.
Brookwood Bobcat group photo!
Brookwood Bobcat group photo!
A boy sits with a jump rope in his hands. He looks like he's deep in thought.
The Principal holding hands and smiling with the high school mascot.
A student just about ready to jump!
The principal and a student jump rope at the same time.
The principal joins in on jumping rope!

Saturday, January 21, 2017 - Celebrating Chinese New Year with Brookwood students and families

The personality of the Rooster 

People born in the year of the Rooster are characterised as honest, energetic, intelligent, flexible and confident. But according to Chinese astrology, the year of your sign is believed to be one of the most unlucky years of your life.

The general image of people in this zodiac sign is that they are hardworking, resourceful, confident and talented. In addition, their active, talkative and engaging ways make them popular with people. They are happiest when they are in company, enjoying the spotlight. Although they were born with enviable skills, they still have several shortcomings, such as being seen as vain and arrogant with a tendency to brag about their achievements.

Strengths: Healthy, sporty, self-assured

Weaknesses: A little sensitive, stressed, moody

A calm moment for prayer.
The principal poses with two students that are in the event.
A lion dance is underway!
The host talks to a guy and girl while on stage.
A group of boys doing a routine. They smile and wave flags.
A group of girls dance in traditional Chinese outfits.
Principal Bradshaw poses with a happy couple.

Friday, January 20, 2017- July in January Pool/Pizza Party

Splish... Splash!  The students, families and staff at Brookwood had an amazing time swimming at EKHS pool.  The Bobcats had a wonderful time swimming and enjoying pizza and snacks!

Kids smile as they surround their principal in the pool.
Many people are swimming in the pool.
Everyone's in the pool having a grand time!Kids walking around in shallow water while being observed by watchful adults.
A girl smiles cheerfully as she floats with a life jacket on.
A boy floats in the pool with a life jacket on.

Friday, January 10, 2017 - The Bradshaw Boogie Family Dance

Families, students, and staff jammed to beats of new and old school music... "I've got this feelin... down in my bones... just dance, dance, dance...Can't Stop the Feelin'"~ Justin Timberlake

The dance with a lot of happy families.
Two girls smiling. One has her arm wrapped around the other in a friendly manner.
More families and even more dancing!
Young students are trying out their own moves.
Even more dancing
Still more dancing.
A boy and girl pose in front of a Valentine's themed backdrop.
The principal poses with students against a Valentines themed backdrop.More students join in the photo with the principal and the Valentine themed backdrop.  


2016 - Brookwood


Today Brookwood's 5th graders participated with the other 10 Kentwood Elementary Schools for the annual Field Day .. this year at Pat Patterson Field behind Crestwood Middle School.  Great job 5th grade BOBCATS!

A special thank you to Ms. Nikki Stilson, Mrs. Courtney Ostipow, Mr. Malik Baker and their PE colleagues.  Nikki coached our awesome Brookwood Bobcats through an exceptional day of competition against 4 other elementary schools.  Our student were well mannered, worked hard, supportive and full of spirit.  Most noticeable was their sportsmanship and positive attitude.  It was surely, " A great day to be a Bobcat!"
The Brookwood Bobcat students are giving it their best at tug of war!
5th Grade Bobcats gather for a group photo!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016-  Six Varsity soccer players came to Brookwood to mentor and play soccer with our 5th grade students. Franco, David, Jake, Alex, Kevin and Dzenis coached and played an amazing game of soccer with our 5th graders. #OurstudentsRock!
The six varsity soccer players, pose for a picture.
The students and the varsity soccer players, on the field and ready to play!
The six varsity players pose for a photo with a student.
Everyone is on the field! Soccer time!
A student, happily holding a soccer ball.


Brookwood's Girls on The Run Team joined many others around the area for the annual Girls on The Run. Thanks Miss Sherwood for leading our girls in this.
A group shot with all people involved with Girls on the Run! Including the Brookwood crew.
Staff and a student, show off their pink socks!
The team gathers together with big smiles!
The Brookwood, Girl's on the run team, poses for a picture with the principal.


54 students, 41 parents and 4 Brookwood staff  spent the day exploring and experiencing the, "Windy City", Chicago with students.

After a continental breakfast in Indiana, we travel to:

1. Alder Planetarium

2. Portillo's for Lunch- Downtown Chicago

3. Garrett's Popcorn

4.  Lincoln Park Zoo

5. Medieval Times

The excitement and smiles on the student faces made every moment with our 5th graders and their families worthwhile.

A special thank you to Anne Thompson, Chellie Howard, Nick Carlesso, and Steven Powers for planning, organizing, and orchestrating such an awesome opportunity for our students.  Job well done!
A quick pit stop at the state line into Indiana!
The fifth graders stand with the Chicago skyline behind them.
Everyone excitedly gathers for a photo at Lincoln Park Zoo.
The principal poses with the fifth graders while they wait for a show!


Someone is in the middle of writing an inspiring message for fifth grade!
More chalk messages that read, good luck, work hard, and rock the test!
Students and staff continue to write encouraging messages!
Chalk decorates the entrance of Brookwood, cheering on th 5th graders for M-Step!


This year's 5th grade basketball team pulled off the upset of the ages. They defeated the preveiously undefeated teachers team. Ranked #1 in the country among teacher basketball teams, the teachers were overwhelming favorites and looked to continue their win streak.

 But...this year's 5th graders, armed with a "never say no" growth mindset, executed great skill and teamwork in pulling off a 28-27 thrilling victory.

Way to go 5th grade class! Have a fantastic spring break. 
A lively group shot with staff and students!
All the players are on the court.
The audience excitedly watches the game.
One student makes a grand jump!
The fifth graders are ready to go!

St. Patricks day at Brookwood the Visitation of a Leprechaun

Today, Young 5's, kindergartens, a class of second 2 grade students along with the rest of the students at Brookwood attempted to trap a Leprechaun sighted at Brookwood. Leprechauns are clever and mischievous.

We were able to secure evidence and confirm that a Leprechaun was on the loose at Brookwood.  He was able to escape through an open window.  Before departing he did leave students chocolate coins.  Maybe next March 17, we will outsmart and trap the Leprechaun.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!
An image of a cheerful leprechaun.
The leprechaun footprints lead out the window!
Shocked kindergartners as they see all the footprints left behind by the leprechaun.
Leprechaun footprints are everywhere!
Kindergartners arrive to find leprechaun footprints leading to the window! They're surprised!

Brookwood goes camping

If we can't take the students to camp, we bring the camp to the students.

Our library was transformed into a campground and students were given flashlights to navigate through tents and tepees, a virtual campfire, fire flies, sleeping bags as crickets echoed as the star illuminated the night sky.  Students also roasted s'mores on a live fire.

This experience was one of many reading activities that our students experiences for March is reading month. Thanks you to the staff/teacher-leaders for creating experiences for our students... Jenna Williams, Kelley VanVliet and Carmelita Young.
A boy lies on a sleeping bag while using a flashlight to read his book.
Three kids gather in and around a tent to read.
A boy carefully roasts a marshmallow.


Students happily gather around a large snowball.


A large collection of water that will be sent to Flint. All collected by the Kentwood School District, including Brookwood!

Thank you to everyone that donated water bottles for Flint. Kentwood Public Schools collected 11,500 water bottles and 155 gallons of water. Awesome!!


Brookwood Student Council 2015-2016

Congratulations to all candidates who ran for Student Council offices.

Our Brookwood 2015-16 Student Council:

President:                   Braden Metten

Vice President:           Ella Stroster

Secretary:                   Madison Coykendall

Treasurer:                   Amaya Swagerty

Here are some pictures from some of the final speeches given today at the student assembly.
Students wait patiently while another Brookwood student makes their speech.
Students wait patiently while another Brookwood student makes their speech.
Students wait patiently while another Brookwood student makes their speech.
Students wait patiently while another Brookwood student makes their speech.
Students hold up colorful signs.
During a student's speech, she has friends hold up colorful signs.
Students wait patiently while another Brookwood student makes their speech.

2015 Thanksgiving - Mrs. Dykstra's Class

Mrs. Dykstra's 1st grade class celebrates thanksgiving with decorations & making soup
Kids in Mrs. Dykstra's class wrap their arms around each other as they look at their meal.
The kids show off their hats made from colorful paper.
Big smiles as it's almost time to eat!

2015 Harvest Party

The Brookwood Staff celebrated as dominoes this year.
Brookwood Teachers show off their domino outfits!
Three teachers and the principal grin as their photo is taken.
The principal, Mr. Bradshaw, shows off his domino costume!
Mr. Garay didn't make it  to the staff photo... he was out delivering Domino's Pizzas.
Mr. Garay, our 3rd grade teacher, pouts while wearing a Domino's pizza outfit. Not quite the domino outfit the rest of the staff has in mind.
Mr. Garay seems fine with it as he gives two big thumbs up!
Students walk around the school, showing off their wonderful costumes! At the front we have a Hello Kitty Sailor!
A group of kids smile as they pose in costume. A fairy, soccer and football stars, cheerleader, star lord, and a few others.
The Brookwood student's above, take a break from the Harvest Celebration parade to pose for the camera.

October 19, 2015 Brookwood Students Learn Safety Tips from our Kentwood Fire Department

Three girls stand in front of a fire truck on a sunny day.
Students also had the opportunity for a close up inspection of a fire truck.

Here are some more pics of our students learning more about fire fighting:
Brookwood students gather around the Firefighter's mascot. A dalmatian dog wearing a yellow shirt, orange tie and a hat.
Students stand with a firefighter beside his truck. We can see all the equipment the fire fighters use!
Five students stand close to the fire truck.
Students examine all the contents of the truck.
More students take a look at all the equipment.
Six students pose happily in front of the fire truck.

October 16, 2015 Breakfast With Dads

The parking lot, the gym and a lot of stomachs were full today. Thanks to who participated to make this year's Brookwood Dad's Breakfast a fantastic success.

Former Michigan State Spartan & current MSU assistant coach, Thomas Kelly,  spoke to the dads and students today.

Many showed up today in festive U/M MSU spirit on the eve of tomorrow's big game.

But the real winners are our dads who showed up for the biggest game in their lives.. their kids.
There are a lot of people gathered in the gym for breakfast!
Kids are handed some drinks with a teacher prepares cups of juice.
Two teachers pose for the camera as they continue to full up juice cups.
Three teachers smile bright as they hold up some scrambled eggs and pancakes.
Family, staff and students are gathered in the gym to eat their tasty breakfast.
More teachers smile to the camera as they serve up some pancakes.
A few of the teachers are smiling while helping with breakfast!
Mr. Bradshaw makes a speech!
SpongeBob SquarePants makes an appearance! He stands with a few students.
Another special guest showed up to greet our kids coming off the busses.


Learning beyond the "Bricks and Mortar" of Brookwood Elementary.

Mr. Jongekrijg and Mrs. VanVliet 4th Grade Classes ventures downtown Grand Rapids to take in all the awesome Art from both local and national artist during ArtPrize 2015 What a great opportunity for our student to be exposed to art and to foster art appreciation.  The students, parents and staff had a wonderful time. #ArtprizeRocks!
Students stand in front of a mural that shows Obama and Martin Luther King Jr on it.
The students take a good look at a giraffe sculpture.
A group of Brookwood Students stand, and kneel, on a bridge with the river to their back. Looking good bobcats!

Knock Knock, Brookwood's Here!
Two teachers are knocking on a door.

Brookwood staff putting a "Get too" attitude into to practice!

This summer the Brookwood staff had the opportunity to visit with families and students to welcome them back to school. Staff walked the perimeter of Princeton Estates, Christie Avenue and all the streets in between to make the initial contact with family and students a positive one.  The staff at Brookwood is "walking the walk" to build and foster a positive connection with students,families and community.  As a staff, we are honored that we "get to" serve our families and students at Brookwood Elementary.

"It's a great year to be a Brookwood Bobcat"!
A drawn image of a lady knocking on a door while kids play instruments on the lawn.

September 17, 2015 Dad's Chilling and Grillin Night Out!

Grilling, Chilling and Reading with Dad's was a success!

"Grilling, Chilling and reading with Dads was Epic" was the description used by a dad of a second grade student.  I could not agree more.  A special thank you to Dads and staff for your commitment to our Brookwood families.  We had over 500 people in attendance, including over 200 dads/families.  It was extremely busy, but as our students skipped down the hall way to collect their special surprise at the end of the event, the smiles on their faces made it worth while!  It's a great year to be a Bobcat!
A few dads standing around a large grill while cooking up some delicious food!
A group of dads stand together with the Principal to show off their dad's grilling shirts.
A father reads a book with his daughter.