Welcome to the Bowen PTC

Every Bowen parent is automatically a PTC member. Parents meet in order to make decisions on activities for the students and assisting the teachers.

The Bowen PTC is an organized group of parents and teachers vitally interested in the welfare and support of the students attending Bowen Elementary School. The PTC promotes communication between parents and teachers concerning the activities for the students. We meet monthly to discuss fundraising activities and other matters related to the success of our students.

      Bowen Elementary PTC Driving Messaging


We will work to provide meaningful connections between families and Bowen Elementary to foster an environment of community and engagement.


-        Connection - Considering the needs of our diverse population, developing the most meaningful opportunities for our students and parents to connect with each other as well as school faculty and staff.

-        Community - Developing relationships through outreach in our local community to provide opportunity and access to school families.

-        Engagement - Drive investment of our Bowen families and staff in student educational experience.

-        Revenue - Identify the best means to drive revenue to reinvest  in school activities and programs.


Fri. Jan. 26 - Chuck E. Cheese Fundraiser - 5-10pm 

Fri. Mar. 9 - Family Movie Night - 6 - 9:30pm

Fri. Apr. 27 - Walk-a-Thon

Fri. May 25 - Parade of Nations/Multicultural Night

PRESIDENT - Melissa Moran

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