Mentoring in Kentwood

Mentoring impacts students socially, emotionally and academically creating safer, healthier, more productive citizens of our society. Benefits youth derive from time spent with a caring, responsible person include:
•    Enhanced self-esteem;
•    Improved grades, school attendance, and attitude toward school;
•    46% less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs;
•    27% less likely to start drinking;
•    53% less likely to skip a day of school;
•    More trusting of their parents or guardians;
•    Better chances of going on to a higher education;
•    Committing fewer misdemeanors and felonies; and
•    Feeling they had better emotional support from their friends.

In Kentwood, we have need for positive, adult role models who care for kids.  For more information on our middle school program, "KentwoodCares" , click on the link for a brochure. 

Mentoring opportunities are available at all grade levels and in all buildings.  For more infomation, you can contact any building principal.