Student Accounts

Student Accounts

KBB Student Accounts are set up and maintained to assist students, in the Kentwood Public Schools band program, with some of the expenses related to participation in the instrumental program.

Funds are earned for your Student's Account by participating in KBB fundraisers. Each fundraiser will state how much may be earned for your Student's Account.

Requests to use funds are to be submitted in writing at least two weeks before the funds are needed. Student Account Request forms are available in the music classrooms or by clicking on the link below.

A student can use his/her account funds for the following, if they will be continuing in Band for the next school year:

  • Band Camp
  • Summer Music camp
  • Uniform Accessories
  • Uniform Cleaning fees
  • Instrumental Music Trips
  • Lessons
  • Repair of Instruments
  • Special Band events (Director Approved)

Once a student ends his/her involvement in the instrumental music program, any funds remaining in their account will be transferred to a sibling(s) who is still involved in the program.  In the event that there are no other siblings in the program, the remaining funds will be transferred to the organization’s general account balance to be utilized at the discretion of the general membership.  Balances cannot be redeemed for cash. A departing Senior Class may designate their remaining balances for a special purpose to benefit the instrumental music program.