Kentwood Band and Orchestra Boosters

The Kentwood Band and Orchestra Boosters (KBOB) is an organized group of parents who provide support for the instrumental music students in the Kentwood Public Schools.  These parents meeting bimonthly to discuss fundraising activities, upcoming instrumental music events, and other matters relating to the success of the our music programs.

"KBOB" provides parent support for Kentwood Middle and High School instrumental music programs.  There are over 1,000 students registered in the instrumental music programs offered.



The booster leadership team is made up of a group of volunteers, including building representatives, from each of the schools that KBOB serves.



  • Vice President - Jennie Hodges
  • Secretary - Dora Ferrier
  • Publicity Director - Kelly Arganbright


  • EKHS Band - Ken Depault
  • EKHS - Trisha Best
  • Crestwood Band - Kim Stachowiak
  • Crestwood Orchesta - Anna Godfrey
  • Pinewood Band - Dan Robyns
  • Pinewood Orchestra - Cheryl Andree
  • Valleywood Band - Becky Lovejoy
  • Vallyewood Orchestra - Micki Timreck
  • Immediate Past President - Cindy Lominchar