President's Council Recommendations

The following are requirements and recommendations by the Presidents Council of the State Universities of Michigan.

What Do the Universities Require?
Although each university has the final say in admissions decisions, Michigan's public universities have agreed that students who graduate in 1995 or later must meet the requirements described below to be eligible for regular admission to four-year degree programs. If you are unable to complete these requirements, you may still be considered for a four-year degree program, so you are encouraged to apply to the university of your choice.

ENGLISH (4 years required)
MATHEMATICS (3 years required; 4 years strongly recommended)
Your high school preparation should include at least three of math, including Algebra 2.
BIOLOGICAL AND PHYSICAL SCIENCE (2 years required, including 1 year of biological science and 1 year of physical science; 3 years strongly recommended. At least 1 year of a laboratory course is also strongly recommended.)
HISTORY AND THE SOCIAL SCIENCES (3 years required; 1 year of world history and 1 year of American history
strongly recommended.)
FOREIGN LANGUAGE The University of Michigan requires 2 years.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE (3 years strongly recommended)
More and more college programs require that you demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language as a prerequisite for graduation from college.
COMPUTER LITERACY (1 year of hands-on experience strongly recommended)
FINE AND PERFORMING ARTS (2 years strongly recommended)