COVID-19 Relief Budget Transparency Report

Welcome to the Kentwood Public Schools COVID-19 Relief Budget Transparency Report!

In response to the global pandemic, the U.S. government passed vital federal legislation, including the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (2020) and the American Rescue Plan Act (2021), to provide critical financial assistance to educational institutions nationwide. These legislative measures allocated substantial relief funds to schools, including Kentwood Public Schools (KPS), to address the multifaceted challenges posed by COVID-19. 

Our website is dedicated to fostering transparency and accountability by offering a comprehensive overview of how these federal relief funds have been allocated within our school district. These funds have been categorized according to our four strategic plan goal areas: Culture of Excellence, Equitable Opportunities and Outcomes, Whole Child Environments, and High-Impact, Diverse Staff. Here, you'll find detailed information on the allocation of funds within each of these areas and the specific programs and initiatives supported.

KPS remains committed to maximizing the impact of these one-time federal funds, and this dashboard outlines our plans to ensure they are used efficiently to mitigate the pandemic's impact on our educational system. 

We thank you for visiting our website and for your ongoing support as we work together to provide a safe, nurturing, and effective learning environment where we continue to strive for excellence and equity in education for each student in Kentwood Public Schools.