School Age Childcare 

The after school program consists of academic support offering homework help, enrichment programs, recreation, youth development and arts and crafts.  Our after school programs are staffed with Kentwood Public Schools employees.  The childcare is a nonprofit program operated through the Early Childhood Office for Kentwood Public Schools.  The tuition paid by parents pays the instructors, buys teaching supplies and materials, and nutritious snacks.  We are licensed by the State of Michigan.

Program Hours:
Before school, hours will begin at 6:30 a.m. and continue until the start of the school day.  After school childcare  hours begin when school ends each day and will continue until 6:00 p.m..  The program will start with the scheduled first day of school and end with the scheduled last day of school.  Please contact the Early Childhood office at 616-426-5311 for information on the before and after school programs.

Fee Schedule:
2021-2022 School Year
Non-Refundable Yearly Registration Fee:  Covers your family for school year only.  $60.00 per family.

Before School will be determined at locations pending adequate enrollment

1st Child $60.00 per week
2nd Child $50.00 per week

After School will be determined at locations pending adequate enrollment                           
1st Child $60.00 per week
2nd Child $50.00 per week

Full day (6 or more hours ) at Hamilton when regular school is closed.  Winter Break, Spring Break, etc.

1st Child $35.00
2nd Child $30.00

Half day (less than 6 hrs).  This is only when school is released early. 

1st Child $30.00
2nd Child $25.00

Registration forms my be accessed below: 

2020 Enrollment  PDF Document

A separate summer childcare program is also available pending adequate enrollment.

2021 Summer Enrollment Packet PDF Document

How Can You Enroll Your Child for online payments?
Call or stop by the Hamilton Early Childhood Office at 493-5693 or our online payment system MyPaymentPlus