Welcome to Pinewood Middle School!

As part of a grant for street sidewalks that Kentwood Public Schools applied for, Pinewood will be participating in  the National Bike to School Day on May 4.Students bike to school on May 4th,and participating students will be entered into a drawing to win gifts and coupons from Celebration Cinema.


The school year is almost over and PTC elections are coming up! 

If you have any interest in becoming PTC president, vice president, secretary or treasurer please email us at or via Facebook

All interested candidates need to submit their names and be on the ballot by the end of April. 

Candidates can volunteer or be nominated for any open position. 

Officers shall be elected by ballot annually at the May meeting on May 4. 

8th Grade Guidance Information:


May 10:  All 8th graders to attend MiCareerQuest from noon-2:00 at DeVos Place.  This is the second year for this community event designed for middle and high school students to explore careers in technology, manufacturing, health sciences, construction, and engineering.  Read more about it at  



 Pinewood Middle School will provide a safe and supportive atmosphere that embraces diversity and inspires intellectual, social, and emotional growth.


Pinewood Middle School’s staff, in partnership with students, parents, and community, establishes standards for excellence and implements plans to meet these expectations.

Teachers utilize instructional best practices within the framework of established curriculum to promote intellectual growth and student achievement.

Staff and students cultivate social and emotional growth within the learning environment by recognizing and accepting individual differences, celebrating achievements, and working collaboratively toward common goals.


All students can learn.

A safe and supportive environment is most  conducive to learning.

Diversity and inclusiveness enhance social and emotional growth.

Collaboration facilitates relationship building and engages students in the learning process.

A broad range of educational and extracurricular opportunities helps students identify their unique talents and gifts. 




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