Pinewood Middle School will provide a safe and supportive atmosphere that embraces diversity and inspires intellectual, social, and emotional growth.



Pinewood Middle School’s staff, in partnership with students, parents, and community, establishes standards for excellence and implements plans to meet these expectations.


Teachers utilize instructional best practices within the framework of established curriculum to promote intellectual growth and student achievement.


Staff and students cultivate social and emotional growth within the learning environment by recognizing and accepting individual differences, celebrating achievements, and working collaboratively toward common goals.



All students can learn. A safe and supportive environment is most conducive to learning.

Diversity and inclusiveness enhance social and emotional growth.

Collaboration facilitates relationship building and engages students in the learning process.

A broad range of educational and extracurricular opportunities helps students identify their unique talents and gifts. 








Daily Announcements


Student Handbook and Code of Conduct 17-18 


Electronics Policy  


2017-2018 Daily Schedule for Students  


2017-2018 Half Day Schedule for Students


2017-2018 Two Hour Delay Schedule


2017-2018 Pinewood School Calendar


Concussion Information and Form  PDF Document




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Kentwood School News - August 2017 (2018 Registration Info)

Kentwood School News - August 2017 (2018 Registration Info)

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