Janet Sall, History/Civics/Leadership Teacher

Crossroads Leadership Class 

We have collectively created our vision for the 2017-2018 school year.  Displaying honorable character and selfless service, we will endeavor to accomplish the following mission: 

-Realize and develop our leadership skills

-Model effective communication

-Participate in community service projects that benefit those in need in our world community

-Improve student life at Crossroads by providing activities that foster friendships and respect for our school

-Be financially self-sustaining

-Make the Kentwood community proud


A letter to our parents regarding concession sales for the Leadership Class:

Dear Parents,

On Wednesday, the 23rd of September, Crossroads Leadership students will begin selling various snacks to their classmates. Sales will occur on Wednesday's and Friday's of each week. The students will be allowed to purchase candy, chips, etc. on these days, during their lunch hour. All proceeds will be used to help the leadership class with service projects.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Janet Sall and the Leadership Class

 On Monday, December 16, 2013, Crossroads High School Leadership class appeared on Maranda Where You Live to discuss their 16th Annual Care Bag project.

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Crossroads Leadership 19th Annual Care Bag Project



Crossroads’ Leadership’s 20th Annual Care Bag Project

August - December 8, 2017


           Every year, millions of Americans are homeless.


Crossroads Leadership has been donating to various charities around Michigan for 20 years in effort to help with this problem of homelessness.


We donate items for personal care to:

Ronald McDonald House

Holland Rescue Mission


Arbor Circle’s The Bridge

3:11 Youth Housing

Kentwood PS Homeless Youth

Some items that we hope you would consider donating:

Body Spray


Child Care Item/Small Toy/ and Crayons


Dental Floss/ Toothpaste

Gallon Size Freezer Bags

Hair Ties




Shampoo & Conditioner


Wash Cloths

Other items related to personal care would also be greatly appreciated. Items can shuttled or drop off to : Crossroads Leadership at 28 60th Street SE, Kentwood MI, 49548.

For additional information or questions please email Janet Sall at

Thank you. We appreciate all the donations !

    -Crossroads Leadership


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Care Bag Project – Thank You!
This is a special thank you for all of the students, staff, and community members of Kentwood. We would like to specifically thank Spartan Nash, Ranir, and Dr.Terry Hurt, D.D.S.

Thank you...
for thinking of others
and then wondering
how you could help.
Thank you...
for doing what you did,
instead of being too busy,
or just forgetting about it.
Thank you...
For inking others
on your priority to-do list,
when you have
so many other things to do;
We are honored;
It meant a lot to us.
Thank you.

By Joanna Fuchs

19th annual Care Bag Project

18th annual Care Bag Project

17th annual Care Bag Project

16th annual Care Bag Project 

News articles about the Care Bag Project

 National Dropout Network Conference

On Tuesday, October 5th, Crossroads Leadership, under the guidance of Mrs. Janet Sall and Ms. Lynn Eickhoff, attended the National Dropout Convention in Detroit. Crossroads Alternative High School's Leadership class was invited to speak at this conference about what we have to offer at Crossroads, and how we motivate students to remain in school, graduate and avoid dropping out. Crossroad's students Alexis Sell, Jimel Davis, Jazz Chirco, Hugo Gonzalez, and Maddie Austin as well as Crossroads graduate Ja-Quarl Moore-Bass all spoke about their experiences at Crossroads, and the positive systems/programs that are in place to motivate, track, and challenge students to recover credits, stay in school, and graduate.

Awesome job sharing with others the outstanding systems we have in place to assist students to achieve their goals!!!

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Literacy for Life – Leadership’s 6th annual Literacy for Life service project is now underway. Our goal is to collect 700 new and gently used books for K-2 and newcomer students at Bowen, Meadowlawn, and Townline Elementary Schools.  In our effort to support literacy, we will visit each school on Read Across America Day, Wednesday, March 2nd to read and distribute the books and an originally designed bookmark to students. On Global Youth Service Day, Friday, April 15th we will return to each school to issue a literacy proclamation, show a video highlighting Read Across America Day, present each school an originally designed author’s chair, and deliver each media center with $150.00 to help fulfill their literacy needs.

 Townline Literacy for Life 2017

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 Thank you KDL, Richard L. Root Kentwood Branch and Branch Manager Cheryl Cammenga for supporting our 7th annual Literacy for Life project. Ms.Cammenga visited Crossroads today donating dozens of very nice books for students in grades K-2nd. We would also like to thank Target and Schuler Books for their donations as well. Much appreciation for supporting our literacy project and the students in Kentwood Public Schools.



To Whom It May Concern:


Kentwood Public Schools’ Crossroads High School Leadership Class is organizing its 7th Annual Literacy for Life service project. Our goal is to collect 700 new and gently used books for K-2 and newcomer students at Bowen, Meadowlawn, and Townline Elementary Schools.  In our effort to support literacy, we will visit each school on Read Across America Day, Thursday, March 2nd to read and distribute the books and a custom designed bookmark to students. On Global Youth Service Day, Friday, April 21st we will return to each school to issue a literacy proclamation, show a video highlighting Read Across America Day, present each school a custom designed author’s chair, and grant each media center $150.00 to help fulfill their literacy needs.


We believe that our community partners will be able to greatly assist us in reaching our

book collection goal and spreading the word of the importance of literacy/inspiring children

to read. We are asking our community partners to help us implement our proposed activities by providing donations of books, money to purchase books, or by serving as a donation drop off site. 


We thank you for your consideration. If you would be able to assist Crossroads Leadership with this project or would simply like to have more information, you may contact our Leadership instructor Janet Sall at or call (616)261-6166 




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I Want To Do Something Big Article 

Any Questions please contact Janet Sall
                      At (616)261-6166 or

 Kent Intermediate Project Based Service-Learning Presentation

On Wednesday, September 25, Leadership agreed to present a model project based service-learning project at KISD to area educators.  We were given $100.00 in Barnes and Noble gift cards which we will use for our Literacy for Life project.








MI BLOOD DRIVE Crossroads is committed to hosting three blood drives annually. We would like to invite you to donate a pint of blood at our upcoming scheduled drives, which are October 13th, December 14th, and Thursday April 26th from 12-3 p.m. Each donation can save up to three lives. Thanks so much for your consideration. Blood Video 2013-2014.mp4?dl=0 [. (8)]


From Janet Sall:

A huge and heart felt thank you to all Crossroads staff for your support of the Crossroads MAEO STARS team. With your support, advice, encouragement, editing, technical support, printing, and the list goes on....our team placed in the following events at Delta College on Thursday, May 18, 2017:





Management Decision Making


3 rd in state – Ethan Cruz, Hugo Gonzalez, and Meghan Schwab


Parenting Decision Making


1 st in state – Jazzmynn Chirco and Alexis Sell


Video Promotion


2 nd in state – Ly’ric Jackson and Danielle Taylor (editing Nathan Krupp)


Genius Sculpture


1 st in state – Jazzmynn Chirco, Hugo Gonzalez, Meghan Schwab, and Alexis Sell


STARS Brochure


1 st in state – Jazzmynn Chirco and Meghan Schwab


2 nd in state – Amadi Flournoy and Vladimir Sears




Employment Interview A (Business Professional)


1 st in state – Ethan Cruz


2 nd in state – Jazzmynn Chirco


Employment Interview B (Service Professional)


1 st in state – Meghan Schwab


Public Speaking


1 st in state – Ethan Cruz


2 nd in state – Starsky Cook


3 rd in state – Alexis Sell


Career Portfolio


1 st in state – Alexis Sell


Human Relations Decision Making


1 st in state – Starsky Cook


3 rd in state – Brittney Taylor




Project Demonstration


2 nd in state – Jimel Davis (Field Day)


Artistic Performance A (dance, music, play)


1 st in state (tie) – Starsky Cook, Jimel Davis, and Hugo Gonzalez


1 st in state (tie) – Alexis Sell


2 nd in state – Ly’ric Jackson, Meghan Schwab, and Brittney Taylor


Artistic Performance B (original creative expression or interpretative reading)


2 nd in state (tie) – Ethan Cruz


2 nd in state (tie) – Brittney Taylor


Art Display NEW


1 st in state (3 way tie) – Sylvia Maslin/ The Strange and Unsual


1 st in state (3 way tie) – Sylvia Maslin/Depiction


1st in state (3 way tie) – Kaitlyn Brummelhoff/Anime


3 rd in state – Sylvia Maslin/Gerard Way


Art Display RECYCLE


1 st in state – Jazzmynn Chirco/Perception


3 rd in state – Amadi Flournoy/Styrofoam Galaxy


School Banner


2 nd in state – Jazzmynn Chirco and Alexis Sell


$1,000 MAEO Scholarship – Alexis Sell


Legislative Day: On Wednesday, March 15, Leadership students attended Legislative Day as part of the Michigan Alternative Education Organization's student state leadership team. Students convened at the Christ Community Church for a meet and greet and participated in discussion about how to get your voice heard in a democracy. Student then headed to the State of Michigan's Capitol Building for a Capitol tour. Following the tour students participated in color group breakout sessions to discuss alternative education and the role of local, state, and federal government in our community.

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MAEO STARS Fall Leadership Conference – Congratulations to the MAEO STARS (Michigan Alternative Education Organization/Success, Team Work, Achievement, Recognition, and Self-Esteem) newly elected Student Leadership Board Representatives, Jazzmynn Chirco and Alexis Sell from Crossroads. Jazzmynn and Alexis delivered speeches highlighting their positive experiences at Crossroads, participation in service projects, and desire to serve on the State level MAEO STARS Student Leadership Board.


The Crossroads Leadership students who attended the MAEO conference in Owosso on November 10thparticipated in a leadership workshop, team challenge activities, and listened to a graduate panel. The Fall Conference was inspirational and our students represented Kentwood Public Schools and Crossroads High School with great leadership.

Duties and commitments for the STARS - State Leadership Team:
- Attend Legislative Day March 2017.
- Assist at the Spring STARS College Day May 2017.
- Meet or conference with other representatives monthly to discuss events and ideas.

Congratulations Lady Tigers 


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Grace So Amazing: Supporting the Blessed by Brookelyn Foundation our Leadership class is planning our first soccer fundraiser for a camp in Haiti supporting the orphanage Grace so Amazing, in Mirebalais. We are kindly asking for donations of new andgently used soccer equipment.