Welcome to Crossroads Alternative High School

The Staff of Crossroads/Kentwood Community Education, in partnership with the students, parents, and community will create a stimulating, positive, and safe environment ensuring mutual respect.

We believe that all students can learn essential and effective cognitive skills enabling them to be responsible and productive contributors in a changing world.

 "ALL students are honored students"


Whenever conditions warrant the closing of school, parents are asked to monitor the local television and radio stations beginning at 6:00 a.m. Every attempt is made to have the information broadcast no later than 6:30 a.m.

• If school is cancelled, all practices and rehearsals are also cancelled. A decision will be made at 1:00 p.m. regarding sporting events, and evening programs.

• There is no transportation to other districts.

• Childcare is provided for those families already participating in the Kentwood Childcare Programs.

• Parents should listen to local radio and television stations:


In the event of a Two Hour delay:

• Busses will pick up students 2 hours after their normal pick up time. For example, if your bus normally arrives at 7:35 a.m., it will now arrive at 9:35 a.m. The afternoon drop off times would remain the same as normal.

• Breakfast will be served approximately 2 hours after the normally schedule time. For example, if your child’s breakfast normally starts serving around 7:55 a.m., they will start serving around 9:55 a.m.

• School will begin 2 hours after the normal start of school. For example, if your child’s school starts at 8:59 a.m., they will now start school at 10:59. Kentwood Staff will also report two hours after their normally scheduled time.

• All morning ECSE, Tuition Based, and GSRP classes at Hamilton will be cancelled.

• First session of KCTC/KTC classes will be cancelled. Second session KCTC/KTC will begin at the normally scheduled time.

• Childcare is provided only at the Hamilton Early Childhood Center for those families already participating in the Kentwood Early Childhood

Programs. (same as a cancellation day)


9:15-9:34 - Breakfast

9:34-10:12 - 1st Hour

10:15-10:53 - 2nd Hour

10:56-11:34 - 3rd Hour

11:37-12:15 - 4th Hour

12:15-12:45 - Lunch

12:48-1:26 - 5th Hour

1:29-2:34 - 6th Hour

The Crime Prevention Association of Michigan is proud to announce that Ian Gibson, Dean of Students at Crossroads, has been chosen as this year's recipient for the Outstanding Crime Prevention Practitioner Officer Award. The Crime Prevention Association of Michigan Award is presented annually to honor its members and persons who have demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the citizens of Michigan in the field of crime prevention.

 Mr. Gibson has coordinated and led a group called KOPS, which stands for: Kids and Officers Partnering in Schools. The KOPS program began at Crossroads in 2012-2013 school years. The purpose of the group is to bridge the gap with at-risk youth and law enforcement. Also involved in leading the groups with Mr. Gibson are Officer Jeff "Gus" Augustin from Kentwood Police Department and Deputy Tom McCutcheon of Kent County Sheriff Department. Congratulations to Mr. Gibson, the officers and the students for a wonderful program.

 Thank you Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs for supporting Crossroads!

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A message from the superintendent
Dear parents and community members:

It is with great enthusiasm and appreciation that we announce the passing of the Kentwood Public Schools Bond request. Our community has considered this opportunity with a great deal of care and interest, and has responded in support of our students, families and the broader community as partners in supporting excellence in education.

Kentwood has always been a district built on fiscal responsibility, demonstrating prudent management of public funds. We are committed to continue to exercise this same responsibility with the funds generated by this proposal. This community decision will allow us to address our district’s needs in safety, technology and operational efficiency for years to come. Kentwood Public Schools values the partnership that’s been built with the community and respects their financial support. Together, we will continue to do great things.

The Kentwood Public Schools remains committed to providing an education of excellence to every child that we serve. Each teacher and staff member at KPS seeks to partner with our families to ensure that positive relationships are developing within the school environment and that high expectations are reflected in the arts, athletics, and within each of our academic programs.

Thank you all so much for your continued support of our schools and community.

Michael Zoerhoff
Superintendent Kentwood Public Schools