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Since September of 1990, Challenger Elementary School has been helping children grow into capable, happy and responsible adults. From young fives through fifth grade, Challenger Elementary assists children to develop their intellectual capacity, sense of civic and personal responsibility, and self-esteem through a stimulating and positive environment. We believe that school should be fun and exciting, and our staff at Challenger hope to make it that way. When children love learning, they are able to excel in many diverse and exciting subjects.

Here are the non-negotiables that our staff members created and believe in doing every day!

  • Infuse hope. We are the promise of our children in ever increasing ways. Help students DREAM BIG - create paths to accomplishment. Our efforts today powerfully impact the success of our children in the future. Be child centered and passion driven.

  • Grow relationships. Positive relationships are the foundation of who we are. Relationships are everything and without relationships we do not have anything.

  • Celebrate our cultural mosaic as a unifying strength. Community thrives and learning ignites when diverse people unite in partnership and friendship. Every individual is a critical "piece" to the "whole" of Challenger.

  • Inspire and insist upon individual and organizational excellence. Personal and collaborative accountability. Get better every day - help others get better every day. To be extraordinary, we have to rise above ordinary.

  • Maintain focused attention and relentless forward progress. Daily we journey toward excellence - no matter what. We are intensely focused and resolute. We stress continuous growth, incessant step-by-step movement.

  • Target academic objectives, programs, and strategies that are few in number and deep in impact. We emphasize data-driven, research-supported, and empiracally-validated initiatives. We adhere to program fidelity, tight lesson focus, time on task, learning through doing, collaborative and independent work, and differentiated instruction. We strive to do a few things masterfully than many things satisfactorily. Students know and monitor growth toward meeting daily learning targets and year-end objectives. 


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2017-2018 Calendar
Challenger Newsletter 4-19-2017
Challenger News 3-15-2017
Kindergarten Waiver Request for 2017-2018 School Year
According to Michigan Law, if a child residing in Kentwood Public Schools is not five years of age on September 1, 2017, but will be five years of age not later than December 1, 2017, the parent or legal guardian of that child may enroll the child in kindergarten/young 5s for the 2017-2018 school year with a waiver or a written notification to the school district.
A school district that receives this waiver or written notification may make a recommendation to the parent or legal guardian as to placement. Regardless of the district recommendation, the parent or legal guardian retains the sole discretion to determine whether or not to enroll the child in Kentwood Public Schools if the student is five years of age not later than December 1, 2017.
Challenger Newsletter 2-23-17