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Mr. Bradshaw, Principal


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Welcome Back Brookwood Families! We hope your vacation was filled with fun, family, fellowship and also plenty of rest. We were certainly excited to see the kids and families when they returned today. Please remember to watch the news in the morning for school closing and the weather. We want to make sure children are dressed appropriately for the winter.

Mark your calendar for Family Fun Night at the EK Aquatic Center Friday, January 30, 2015 at 6:00pm.  A pizza dinner will be served.  More information will be sent home later.

Happy New Years and we are looking forward to exciting educational experiences in 2015. Have a great weekend.

Mr. Bradshaw

LOOKING AHEAD­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


20           Bible Club 3:55pm

21           2nd grade to Symphony

21           5th grade swimming 12:15pm

23           Popcorn – 25 cents

27           Bible Club 3:55pm

28           Jump Rope for Heart Assembly 2pm

30           Family Fun Night – EK Aquatic Center

               Swimming 6-8pm

               Pizza served 7:45pm


3             Bible Club 3:55pm

4             5th grade Cyber Safety Lesson

5             Science Night 6pm – 8pm

6             Popcorn Day – 25 cents

10           Bible Club 3:55pm

10           PTC Meeting 6:30pm

11           COUNT DAY

11           3rd grade Wax Museum

13           Valentine Party – Half Day

                REACH Day – dismiss 12:13pm

16           No School – mid winter break

17           No School – mid winter break

18           Bible Club 3:55pm

                **day changed to Weds this week**

20           Popcorn – 25 cents

21           Jump Rope for Heart Event

24           Brookwood Music Program

24           5th grade go to Symphony

24           Bible Club 3:55pm

25           4th grade trip to Lansing

Brookwood Family Swim and Pizza Night

Friday, January 30, 2015 you are invited to come to EK Aquatic Center for swimming and pizza.  Swimming is $1 per person and pizza/pop will be provided.

Swimming will be from 6pm – 8pm

Pizza and Pop will be served starting at 7:45pm

(an adult must be present)

 Kentwood Gifted and Talented

Kentwood’s P.E.A.K.S. (Parents, Educators and Kids = Success) Program is an all-inclusive gifted and talented program for students in grades 3-8 that focuses on the development of STEM Skills, 21st Century Skills, and Service Learning. The

program is designed to meet the needs of the child that performs above grade level in core academic areas and is highly motivated to learn. For the past 20 years, Kentwood has been proud to have provided for its gifted learners.

To apply for the P.E.A.K.S. Program:

• Parents must attend a program informational meeting at Discovery Elementary: Wednesday, February 25 or

Thursday, February 26 at 7:00 PM

• Parents must ensure the completion of all

application processes and forms and return

materials to Eric Closson at Discovery

Elementary by Monday, March 30, 2015.

Note: application process details will be

explained at the informational meetings in February.

Brookwood’s Carnival Night is March 13, 2015.  We are looking for volunteers to help make this night a big success. If are willing to help, please call Ms. Beth in the office – 616-455-0030.

Brookwood’s Science Night is February 5, 2015 from 6pm – 8pm.  Families are invited to participate in fun and exciting experiments!  Pizza will also be served!

Counselor Corner

Bullying - It is very important that our students learn how to handle bullying behavior. Bullying lessons will be taking place throughout the school year in each classroom.  Here are some tips to address bullying at home:

Help your child understand bullying.  Explain what bullying is.

 Keep open lines of communication with your child.  Check in with your child and listen to any concerns about friends and other students.

 Encourage your child to pursue their interests. Doing what they love may help your child be more confident among their peers and make friends with other kids with similar interests.

 Teach your child to take a stand against bullying.  Give guidance about how to stand up to those who bully if it is safe to do so.

 Talk to your child about seeking help from a trusted adult when feeling threatened by a bully. Talk about whom they should go to for help.  Assure your child that they should not be afraid to tell an adult when someone they know is being bullied.

 Know what is going on in your child's school.  Get to know other parents, school counselor, and staff.  Contact the school if you have suggestions to make the school a safer and better learning place.


Helping Children Cope with Loss, Death & Grief


Children respond to the death of someone they know in a variety of ways:


v  Emotional shock and at times an apparent lack of feelings.   This allows the child to detach from the pain of the moment.

v  Exhibiting immature behaviors such as needing to be rocked or held, difficulty separating from parents or significant others, or difficulty completing tasks that are well within their ability level.

v  Explosive emotions and acting out behavior that reflect the child’s internal feelings of anger, terror, frustration and helplessness.  Acting out may reflect insecurity and offers a way to seek control over a situation for which they have little or no control.

v  Asking the same questions over and over, not because they do not understand the facts, but rather because the information is so hard to believe or accept.


Here are some things you can do to help your child grieve:


v  Tell the truth.  Children will generally see through false information and wonder why you don’t trust them with the truth; vague information will not help them through the healing process.

v  Give your child information at the level he/she can understand.  Loss and death are both part of the cycle of life that children need to understand.

v  Encourage your child to ask questions.  You don’t need to have all the answers; treat their questions with respect and be willing to help your child find his/her own answers.

v  Sometimes children are upset but they can’t tell you what will be helpful.  Give them time and let them know that you really want to understand what they are feeling and what they need.  Be patient.

v  Understand that grief is complicated; deaths can bring up other issues of previous losses for your child.

v  Grieving is a process.  Encouraging your child to resume “normal” activities without the chance to deal with their emotional pain may prompt additional problems or negative reactions.



Above all, listen, listen, listen.  Give your child the opportunity to “tell their story” as many times as needed so that they can come to terms with their loss.  


explained at the informational meetings in February.