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Mr. Bradshaw, Principal

“Fathers Bring-Your-Child-to-School Day”

October 24, 2014


8:15 – 8:45               Breakfast

8:45 – 9:15              Motivational Speaker

9:15 (optional)       Visit Child’s Class


 “Fathers-Bring-Your-Child-to-School Day”

an inspirational experience shared with your child

Here’s how it will work….


  • You and your child will come to school at 8:15 AM on October 24.
  • A professional athlete and school staff will be present to welcome you.
  • Students and Guests will share a light breakfast
  • A short motivational message will be shared with the adults.
  • Dads are encouraged to go visit and volunteer in their child’s classroom after the motivational message is done.


This will be a momentous event that will bring your child and community together.

Fathers, grandfathers, uncles, or any positive male figures are invited


 Clothes donations

When cleaning out your drawers at home, if you have any clothes that you can donate to the school we would appreciate it.  The sizes most needed are 4t – 10.  Thanks.

 LOOKING AHEAD­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


14                           Kindergarten – Klackles

14                           ASD Classes - Klackles

14                           Bible Club

14                           PTC Meeting 6:30pm

21                           1st grade – Post Family Farm

21                           Bible Club

22                           Picture Re-Takes

24                           Bring Dad’s To School 8am

28                           Bible Club

29                           5th grade swimming – 12:15

30                           5th grade Chicago Parent Mtg

30                           Kids Hope Fall Party – 3:55pm

31                           HALF DAY – STUDENTS

                              DISMISS AT 12:13

31                           Harvest Festival

 Advance Notice

Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 10:  4pm – 8:30pm

November 12:  1pm – 8:30pm

Additional information will be coming home soon.


Pictures Re-Take

GESKUS will be here on Wednesday October 22 for those that would like picture re-takes or for any new students.  Order forms are in the office.

Absent Reminder

If your child will be tardy or absent, please call the office at 455-0030 ext 22501 or press #1.  You can leave a message any time of the day or night.  Here are a few reminders:

*Please make sure the office has up-to-date phone numbers

*Voice mails are cleared so that messages can be left

*When signing in your child, please put down the first and last name of the student

Counselor Corner


Good Study Habits for Elementary Students


·         You and your child should check the backpack daily.  This is one of the most important things you can do as a parent.  If the child has a planner, look at it.

·         Decide a good time for your child to study.  Some youngsters need a break after school, others do better by getting right to homework.

·         Decide on a good place to study.  Turn off the TV !

·         Make sure that your child is focused on the work.

·         Break the homework down, taking breaks if needed. 


Starting good study habits now will help the child’s whole school career!




Here are suggestions that will help your child get off to a GREAT START this school year.


v  Consistent bedtime and morning routine:  Elementary age children need 10-11 hours of sleep each night.  By 7:30 start them on a bedtime routine which may include bath, books, and snuggling before lights out at 8:30.  Mornings will go more smoothly if clothes and backpacks are organized the night before.

v  Consistent school attendance:  Being on time for the bus and school is an important skill to learn.  Coming to school every day, unless illness prevents it, reinforces the importance of education.  Making sure materials for class are gathered and ready helps develop responsibility and self-direction.  All of these are important life skills that we want to reinforce in our children.

v  Consistent family time:  Try to have at least one meal together, around a table with the television off.  This can be a time to connect with family members and teach children the art of social conversation.



Children need structure and routine in their lives to feel secure, stay healthy, and learn responsibility.  Being consistent with simple routines is an important goal to work towards.  It is especially important to maintain these routines if your child has two homes.